… continued resilience. Enderby & District has weathered the ups, downs and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with imagination, dedication and strength. Check out our local cafe, Country Coffee House, with its brand new menu, posted in the window – less time inside, safer for us all! You can enjoyRead More →

… Closed Again? If you are a restaurant, fitness or other exercise studio or cafe and have been impacted by the new Circuit Breaker Lockdown, the BC Government has rolled out assistance for you.  This one-time grant can be applied to numerous costs for you and your business as aRead More →

It’s eerily similar to this time last year, isn’t it? Though we are all more familiar with the concept of pivoting to take-out, increasing our cleaning procedures and PPE use, changing our store or shop capacity limits and rearranging our stock to provide more space, there are a number ofRead More →

If you’re looking for an upgrade on your impromptu hand sanitizing stations, why not contact us today to get in on some beyond wholesale pricing for touchless, wall or stand-mounted sanitizing stations and PEDAL operated ones as well- no energy use, batteries to change etc! The Enderby & District ChamberRead More →

For each business owner, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have been numerous. Share these with your municipal and provincial, federal governments with these surveys, whose links are below. Let The City of Enderby know how this situation has impacted your business and your prospects – then take the MindreaderRead More →

Our re-opening seminar(s) have been a huge success! Two meetings were added to the additional original one, and responses have been so high that the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is hosting a fourth meeting, taking place Monday, May 25 at 3:30 pm. Contact us at info@enderbychamber.com to getRead More →

Our monthly Leadership& Management Seminar (web version) takes place Monday, May 11 from (9:30 am to 10:30am). Our second seminar, it features University of Sydney Psychology & Philosophy graduate Serena Summers. Her background in world religions as they pertain to psychology, with her own personal story of triumph over adversities,Read More →

This week, Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce members are invited to attend an online meeting with MP Mel Arnold. Many thanks to the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce for making this webinar happen! This meeting will take place on April 30, at 2:30. Please contact the Enderby & DistrictRead More →

The Small Business BC (SBBC) Help center is now up and running! Partnering with the Ministry of Jobs Economic Development and Competitiveness, local agencies have developed a help center with live chat, email and phone agents to help you to find the help you need in this difficult time. YouRead More →