Our Constitution

To develop diverse, inclusive and resilient economic opportunities for all residents of Enderby & District, and to consistently provide support and assistance to businesses and workers.

To develop ongoing educational opportunities that promote resiliency and adaptation in our local business community.

To create a welcoming and diverse atmosphere through the promotion and training of Business Ambassadors, who act as a showcase to the world of Enderby’s diversity, prosperity and economic possibilities.

To provide a networking hub for businesses, workers and incoming industries to integrate, develop and expand in ways that are respectful, inclusive and environmentally beneficial.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. . EDEDA provides access to economic development opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender identity, marital status, family status, nationality, orientation or mental or physical disability. We offer affordable membership opportunities to encourage support of economic development, and also provide events, seminars and training initiatives open to the public who may have a less-focused business interest or be unable to pay membership fees. The above mandate is accomplished through specific, open, one-on-one interaction and inclusion in all of our public seminars, training, events and networking opportunities through our public groups and meetings. We provide access to all available resources we have to hand to our member businesses and individuals, as well as promote freely any networking, relationship-building or other support services to all our members in our community.
  2. In our public events, EDEDA creates a positive and supportive atmosphere in order to foster economic diversity, stability and development between businesses and between individuals. Inclusivity of all who attend our public groups and meetings, with a nurturing and supportive environment for all to develop their economic vision, is paramount.
  3. Any discriminatory, intimidating, bullying or other derogatory behaviour, writing or speech, whether against a member of EDEDA, an individual attempting to obtain economic development for themselves or others, or a member of the general public that is posted publicly on our page(s),  is strictly prohibited. Such language, action, word, deed or written posting is grounds for immediate removal of said posting from any public group or page(s) connected to EDEDA. Our mandate is to support with positivity our member businesses, local humanitarian groups and individuals in their search for economic well-being and stability. As an inclusive organization, our online platforms engage in a strict policy of positive business and regional support. Any other commentary, promotion, manipulation, spamming or other co-opting of our online resources, is a violation of our policy, our mission statement, and our commitment to business-focused, economic development services.

To further continued harmony of public events and online pages, any member business, recipient of service or member of the public may contact EDEDA at info@ec-dev.me at any time to discuss perceived instances of bullying, harassment, abuse or other intimidation, on any of our platforms.

The Enderby & District Economic Development Association is committed to a positive, inclusive business and economic development experience for all in its region, and as such, maintains a strict focus on its positive promotion of local businesses and economic education and development; development of economic awareness, training and support initiatives; and most of all, a business-centered space for the development of all positive economic dreams in our region.