Specific Programs, Ongoing

Survey: the economic progress survey will be undertaken every four years, to amass data as to program impact, service delivery and challenges. This document will be available for referral by governments and organizations, in order to provide useful references for advocacy and policy development. Surveys will be conducted with cooperation and support of indigenous groups, to ensure a dataset is developed which includes first inhabitants.

Rural Business Skills Training: offered to all residents of the RDNO in rural areas, this set of training courses is the first step in diversifying the rural economy of our region. It will develop the ability of rural residents to work from home in a variety of industries, ensuring that quality of life as well as investment in rural properties stays high. By developing work for rural residents beyond the scope of agriculture, EDEDA helps to ensure that our rural economy stays profitable, diverse and resilient.

Business Ambassador Program: Business Ambassadors will be cultivated throughout the RDNO, to ensure that a welcoming and innovative environment is found within their demesne. Business Ambassadors will be available to prospective industry and resident newcomers, to act as mentors or advocates regarding the benefits of work and life in our region. The Business Ambassador program will involve achieving and maintaining certain criteria which align with our Guiding Principles and our Goals. Businesses and industries do not need to pre-achieve these goals, but to show an interest in working toward Business Ambassador designation. EDEDA will facilitate this designation with businesses and industries through the creation and achievement of development goals for interested parties, and with ongoing, positively communicated monitoring of Business Ambassador status. The Business Ambassador program will continue to evolve with time and may come to involve stages or tiers of development, which allow for a transparent synposis of what the Business Ambassador program means to the external observer.

Enderby.com: development of all Enderby & District Businesses’ online presence. This initiative includes raising awareness of the online component of business identity and management of this presence. This program will form a useful tool in the continuing promotion of Enderby on a regional, national and international level. EDEDA will work with local businesses and proprietors to:

– develop consistent and positive online presence which can be used as a reference for regional an international partners, customers and businesses

– showcase Enderby & District as a home for international remote workers and tech companies to use as a base of operations

– attract year-round tourism and new permanent residents and startup businesses

– provide accessible references for government agencies to allow better service delivery and funding delegation

Once established, Enderby.com will be promoted and monitored, ensuring continued effectiveness of the program.

WorkPool: as part of our commitment to functional, adaptive industries, EDEDA will pursue the concept of WorkPool throughout the RDNO. Its pilot program will be in Enderby. WorkPool consists of a group of residents who are trained to appropriate levels to be able to work at a variety of industries in our region, to fill staffing gaps.

Through WorkPool, our region can attain greater stabilization of the business landscape, with consistent hours of operation and service provision that rivals those of highly urbanized centers. WorkPool will also provide wages and benefits to local workers which are comparable to large corporate positions, allowing local residents to live and work comfortably near their homes. This has a pronounced impact on local economic activity, on life-work balance, and on carbon emissions.

WorkPool will provide opportunities to obtain a living wage for residents with benefits and supports that add meaningfully to quality of life, while strengthening the local anchor businesses and industries in our region. EDEDA will provide the organization and framework for WorkPool, which we hope by year 4 to be able to stand alone as a local group, separate from EDEDA, for the benefit of its workers and the community. EDEDA will continue to work closely with WorkPool to ensure local businesses and workers receive the highest level of economic development support.

Feasibility Studies: The Feasibility Study for WorkPool will develop a sense of the need for a WorkPool in small towns and rural areas in the RDNO. Specifically, year one will involve a feasibility study for WorkPool in Enderby (see WorkPool under Specific Programs, Ongoing).

Feasibility Study will also be conducted into green technology innovation in forestry, mining, accomodations and agriculture, to assess the receptivity to existing innovations, develop an understanding of new innovations and to determine requirements for implementation.

A Feasibility Study will be conducted into economic situation and quality of life, economic situation, health and mental health for seniors and youth.

The results of these feasibility studies will be made available to governments and organizations for reference; in addition, these will form the basis of ongoing program initiatives for EDEDA.

New Industry Partnership Program: EDEDA will continue to advocate for our region as a destination for industry, tourism, immigration and ecologically-sound development. By developing relationships with industries, government agencies and immigration societies, EDEDA will ensure that Enderby is considered a world-class destination to live, work and play. Regular reports from these activities will be posted on our website, and shared with the general membership at annual general meetings. Pertinent opportunities, partnership possibilities and data will be forwarded on an ongoing basis to EDEDA stakeholders.

Grant and Funding Opportunities: These will help to offset our own operating costs, as well as provide inspiration and support for new and innovative programs. A database of grants, funding and investment supports will be developed and shared with those in the community. EDEDA will also assist the municpality and regional district in developing grant proposals for important projects for public health, safety, tourism, access and recreation, such as public washroom facilities, parking etc.

Membership and Participation: EDEDA will continue to encourage membership in our organization as well as volunteering, inter-agency cooperation, sponsorships and participation in the Business Ambassador Program. This will grow a strong network of business and community stakeholder involvement – the Business Ambassador program will also set the bar for business service delivery throughout our region at a level that supports all four of our goals in the community and serve as a benchmark for all businesses throughout the Okanagan-Shuswap in terms of service, inclusivity and quality.