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membership tiers spreadsheet

  Basic Silver Gold Diamond
Membership Cost (GST not included) $130.00 $275.00 $360.00 $550.00
Business After 5 Y Y Y Y
Networking Meetings & Groups Y Y Y Y
Discount on Event Attendance Tickets 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% Free
Gas Discounts Y Y Y Y
Grant/Loan Assistance Consultation 1 Application Filed 2 Applications Filed Unlimited Applications
Access to Chamber Benefits Program Y Y Y Y
Seminar Seats 10% off seats 1 free, 15% off extra 2 free, 25% off extra 4 free, 50% off extra
Organize Custom Seminars $40.00 10% off 25% off Free
Web Development/Management 10% off 15 % off two sites 25% off two sites 30% off unlimited
Social Media Consultation regular cost 15 % off 25% off Free
Inclusion in EDCC Business Directory Y Y Y Y
EDCC Business Directory Updates $5 each 1 free, $5/change 2 free, $3.50/change Unlimited
Computer Optimization 10% off 15% off 25% off for 3 devices 1 free, then 30%
Computer Protection Plan regular cost 10% off/device $15% off/device $20 unlimited
Printing Services regular cost 5% off 10% off 15% off
Advertisement Discounts regular cost 5% off 10% off 15% off
Inclusion in Online Directories $25 fee, $5/change $17 fee, $5/change $10 fee, $2/change Free, Unlimited
Payment Plan (Membership): break membership fee into quarterly or monthly equal payments, no interest for 2020.
Payment Plan (Pay for use services): pay as you go, or pay for services in monthly or quarterly bills. Get the training and services you need now!