Work, Play, Live in a Garden: EDEDA acknowledges that, to support all residents in a comfortable and modern manner, large scale work must exist alongside tourism, holistic agriculture and natural spaces. However, EDEDA’s mandate is to work closely with all agencies to ensure that new and successful methods of work be implemented to ensure that all work impacts our environment, our residents as little as possible, while providing a viable standard of living to all residents. EDEDA’s goal is to ensure that, no matter the industry, we foster responsible, ecologically sound and innovative means of living and working in our region. We hope to attain this goal within 15 years, and to reach meaningful milestones of innovation and work-life integration within the next 4, which will lay a sound foundation for further success within this timeline.

Diverse and Proud: EDEDA is committed to inclusion, diversity and integration of entities and cultures across our region. We believe that diverse voices lead to innovation and meaningful success, and encourage all industries to listen, cooperate and develop cooperative relationships in this region. Part of our ongoing commitment to this Principle is our Business Ambassadors Program, which promotes a business, a worker or an organization as an example of this commitment. We hope to use our Business Ambassadors as mentors for incoming business, industry and residents, to ensure that as we expand and grow, we do so in a welcoming, imaginative and cooperative way.

At every step, EDEDA is committed to working together with indigenous groups to ensure that any development initiatives include first inhabitants, and are deployed in ways which support ongoing, responsible stewardship.

Resiliency through Variety: in order to stay economically stable across time, EDEDA advocates the development of industries and businesses which can adapt, pivot and re-organize with ease to address the challenges of our century. Part of this resilience is the cultivation of a number of work opportunities for residents, some of which connect our region to national and international markets, some of which are locally sourced and focused.

Support, Training and Advocacy: In order to ensure that all of these above goals come to realization, EDEDA has an ongoing commitment to the development of effective supports for workers, business owners and residents, ensuring that all aspects of life in our region are maintained at optimum levels of satisfaction. From the development of affordable and transparent worker benefits programs, co-operative workforce initiatives with multi-industry training, to ongoing assistance for the new regulations, innovations and necessities of working life, EDEDA shall remain in the vanguard for the betterment of our community. In addition, EDEDA is dedicated to advocating for our region’s needs on every level of government. This is accomplished effectively by listening to the challenges, concerns and hopes of all stakeholders and negotiating effective solutions which take all of these diverse issues into account.

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