Aware and Prepared: Conduct an economic survey of the region, and take information from municipal, regional and provincial sources into account, which will outline strengths, challenges and areas of need for economic development. This survey will be re-issued on a four year basis, to provide meaningful telemetry to agencies and the community.

Imaginatively Adaptive: Expand diverse economic opportunities for our region according to our two year plans. Two year plans shall provide pivoting ability for economic development direction, to ensure that effective development and ongoing stewardship of the economy in our region.

Interdependent and Proud: Promote local industries to existing audiences, and cross-promote our diverse economic opportunities to other audiences, thus increasing opportunities for expansion and cooperation across industries.

Leave No One Behind: Integrate economic development as much as is possible to ensure that our region is resilient across industries, and inclusively dynamic in its progress. Look for ways that workers and industries can evolve existing practices, rather than abandon them, and adapt skills, training and resources to new methods of implementation.

Learn more about our initial programs by looking at our First Programs, and our Guiding Principles.