Stakeholder Analysis: In order to develop effective programming and service delivery, EDEDA must develop a list of stakeholders and development partners. This shall be compiled in a document and database, outlining locations, contacts and scope of connection, for each of the interested groups.

Once this document has been compiled, it will be updated in real time as circumstances evolve. This document will provide us with a reliable, referrable list of resource references.

Timeline: 1-2 months

Business Ambassador Program Development: Business Ambassador Program will be developed through consultation with federal, provincial, international government agencies as well as through specialist organizations in industry, immigration, mental health, advocacy and other groups. The program will create a meaningful set of criteria for participants in the program to achieve. Basic branding and marketing will be created to help with promotion and implementation.

Timeline: 1-5 months

Marketing and Promotional Materials: EDEDA’s message must be shared with all interested parties, not just in our region, but across the world. In order to accomplish this, a website with all pertinent information about our organization will be developed. This site shall include, but not be limited to, the information in these documents, our communications avenues, specific pages dedicated to our program delivery, partnerships and space for our ongoing, online promotional activities.

Translation options for other languages will be included in the site and vetted to ensure effectiveness.

Logos and graphic design elements will be further developed to assist with branding and marketing strategies.

In addition, print materials such as rack cards and basic brochures will be printed; this ensures that everyone, no matter their level of comfort with technology, can learn about EDEDA and participate.

Timeline: 2-5 months

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