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Welcome to the Enderby & District Economic Development Association, a non-profit society registered in British Columbia (#S0074305) dedicated to opportunities, prosperity and independence for all citizens of our region. Working closely with all levels of government, international advocacy bodies, other non-profit organizations and our community, EDEDA seeks to improve quality of life through economic development and resources.

From courses to networking, promotion to support resources, from tourism to local business cultivation, EDEDA’s vision is to provide a happy, healthy, well-balanced lifestyle for residents, where work, life and play blend into a truly spectacular place to live.

Membership is not essential to take advantage of our programs and resources, but we encourage all interested parties to learn more about EDEDA and become Economic Ambassadors for our region through our organization. You can learn more by contacting

Join our new but highly inspired group of volunteers who are committed to the continued development of our region as a safe, inclusive, healthy and economically viable home!

Help us with our new and ongoing initiatives, business data collection and aggregation, advocacy and local community engagement combine to increase understanding, cooperation and opportunity, resulting in long-term successful economic development.

For more information, please contact info@ec-dev.me, or call 250-803-3824.

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