Enderby Art Centre Celebrates

December 1, 2021, marks the 6 month anniversary of Enderby & District Arts Council’s bold new venture – a community art centre.

The Enderby Art Emporium, located at 617 Cliff Avenue, opened its doors June 1, 2021, a project created and brought to fruition by the 2020-21 Board of Directors. This bold new venture has been maintained by Neil Fidler, EDAC President, Georgia Atwood, Director, and a variety of local artisan and EDAC volunteers since its opening.

The Emporium has welcomed a variety of hand-made, artisanal products, crafts and artwork into its doors. Renovated, stocked and staffed entirely by EDAC volunteers, the Art Emporium is truly one of Enderby’s gems. With stock changing on a monthly basis, there’s something to delight, inspire and attract the attention of any visitor. You can read a blogroll of posts about the Emporium and its creation here



Enderby Art Emporium is the place in Enderby to get your unique, hand-made gifts for this holiday season – support your local arts council, local artists and crafters and delight family and friends!

In addition, the EDAC Art Emporium offers regular workshops and also features a Performance Hall adjacent to to emporium proper.  When not in use for performance, the Hall contains hardware so that artists may display their works in themed or solo shows. You can read about Enderby Artist Marc Ferland’s latest show at the Art Emporium below:



The Performance Hall has seen a number of concerts in its six month lifespan, providing an art-adorned venue for local performers to use for concerts. EDAC’s hugely successful Summer of Art Performance Series utilized the Performance Hall Space for its performers, including local vocalist Jackie Bland, seen below in EDAC’s Summer of Art video:


Congratulations to EDAC and its dedicated volunteers for its exciting flagship business! Wondering what happens to all the sales? 80% go to the artists themselves, with 20% going entirely into the EDAC Art Centre fundraising account… designed to help EDAC buy a building of its own to make the Art Center more than just a pilot project, or a shop dependent upon ongoing rent. EDAC hopes with its small share of sales, and your kind and ongoing donations, it will be able to buy one of Enderby’s beautiful Heritage buildings and transform it into an even larger, permanent Art Centre, with art, music and imagination for all of Enderby & District!

Interested in donating to EDAC’s Art Centre fundraiser? Visit its GoFundMe page here:




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