Vaccine Passport FAQ

Interested in following the latest public health particulars regarding vaccine passports and at-the-door passport verification?

You can visit the site which has a number of resources, including the public health order written statement, how to tell a vaccine passport and how to download the vaccine checker onto a device, so you can help enforce the vaccine mandate at the doors of your own establishment on prospective customers. Click here to visit site.

Remember, as of October 24, 2021, two doses of a vaccine are required to enter a number of businesses and engage in a number of activities. Check EDEDA’s news feed to learn about changes to this rule, and when additional doses will be required, these deadlines, and what new vaccine passport/validation methods will involve.

Interested in knowing who can get an exemption, and how to recognize one? Click the link here to read the PHO information on exemptions and the rare circumstances in which they are provided.

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