Splatsin March Commemorates the Missing

Join the Chief and council of Splatsin band as they march from Enderby-Mabel Lake Bridge to Splatsin Centre to commemorate solstice and the multitudes of missing children who are now being discovered at Residential Schools across Canada. Stand in solidarity with our Splatsin hosts, honor the longest day of the year and show your support.

You can view commemorative art displays showing support in local businesses throughout Enderby, including Enderby & District Museum and Archives, Red Apple, BMO and more. Thanks to local artists and creators for helping our businesses to show their solidarity. In addition, Enderby Arts Council’s new Art Emporium on 617 Cliff Avenue has indigenous-created art and commemorative artwork to help you to learn more about the history of the Residential Schools, and to provide thoughtful gifts to those touched by this serious discovery.

EDEDA representatives will be marching with local residents from Splatsin and the City of Enderby to Splatsin Centre. We would like to convey our deepest sympathies to all, and to pledge our continued, dedicated cooperation with Splatsin band and members in helping to create an equitable and dynamic, ecologically-sound economy in Enderby & District.

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