… continued resilience. Enderby & District has weathered the ups, downs and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with imagination, dedication and strength. Check out our local cafe, Country Coffee House, with its brand new menu, posted in the window – less time inside, safer for us all!

You can enjoy some of Michelle’s great milkshakes (more flavors than ever!) or some excellent vegan food on the expanded patio, or in one of the new picnic benches set up in Enderby parks!

The City of Enderby has provided a number of ‘pop up’ picnic benches in our local green spaces, including Armistice Park and Belvidere Park, Riverside RV recreation area and more, to let people gather, enjoy local food products and the beautiful scenery in socially distant groups.

The Small Axe Roadhouse is expanding its patio to both sides of the building, and until you’re able to get one of the new seats, why not take home some of Sarah Dudley’s excellent sauces and condiments?


Get axed from the comfort of your own home, any time, with these profoundly awesome products.

Here are just a few of the great pivot techniques employed by local Enderby businesses to keep our citizens employed, and you well-fed – safely.


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