It’s eerily similar to this time last year, isn’t it?

Though we are all more familiar with the concept of pivoting to take-out, increasing our cleaning procedures and PPE use,

changing our store or shop capacity limits and rearranging our stock to provide more space, there are a number of questions,

queries and issues which arise with this privilege rollback for Spring 2021.

Whether a restaurant, cafe, place of worship, private business or contractor, EDEDA is always available for advice, on-site consultations,

paperwork and filing assistance, networking and more.

Have a question about the next couple of weeks? Concerned and need to network with other business owners in the same situation?

Contact us today at for more information.

**** Note: EDEDA services are available to everyone in the RDNO and are open not just to business owners but workers, those in training

or at the concept-development stage of entrepreneurship. Our  rate is only $18/year, but membership is optional – we help

those regardless of membership. We are available to assist those at every level of the economic engine, whether worker, worker-to-be or

business owner. ****

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