Support for Craft Distillers

The Enderby & District Chambers of Commerce supports  the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce in its continuing advocacy for Craft spirit producers and others in the craft economy. Yesterday, the GVCC drafted a letter to Ottawa, urging the federal government to create an environment that allows craft distilleries to thrive, create jobs and compete with their U.S. counterparts.


Creating excise parity does more than merely open up the world of designer beverages: it is a meaningful part of economic diversification and recovery for our region.

By creating asimilar policy to the American modelin Canada, domestic craft distilleries will have additional finances to invest in equipment and facilities as well as creating employment opportunities in numerous communities across Canada such as Vernon, Armstrong and Enderby. These entrepreneurs will also increase the demand for products and services from suppliers and particularly producers of fruit and grain.

We thank Dan Proulx, Richard Rolke from the Greater Vernon Chamber for their advocacy lead on this point, and emphasize the Enderby Chamber of Commerce’s continued commitment for diverse economic recovery options in our region.

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