The Enderby & District Curling Club got a helping hand from the Red Cross-

several hundred helping hands, in fact!

Clyde MacGregor,  General Manager of the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce, assisted our local curling club

to procure operating assistance provisions from the Red Cross, including these packaged PPE kits

featuring gloves and masks. With over 390 lbs of PPE, the Curling Club can help ensure that everyone

can exercise, share in community and keep a Canadian tradition alive this winter… and most of all, keep safe.


Without help from organizations such as the Red Cross, procuring PPE like these, plexiglass screens, sanitizing

and safety supplies would be a crippling expense for community groups like Enderby & District Curling Club.

Without these groups, our community will go without the fellowship and fitness it needs to stay healthy.


Curling is a fine sport of strategy, skill and a bit of luck that is an excellent way to stretch, to think and to have fun!

If bending low is a bit of an issue these days, stick curling allows one to send that beautiful granite gliding down

the ice without taking the curler’s knee – and it’s a great way to learn about the game, too!


A fine tradition in Canada, Curling is set to have a new renaissance as younger generations seek out sports and

activities that provide a much-needed break from all that screen time… and thanks to the Red Cross, our local

curling club can help you have fun, safely!


Why not contact the Curling Club today for more information about their seasons and leagues – it’s not as hard

as you think, and much more fun than you might expect! The Curling Club can now continue to offer its complete

array of lessons and skills training as well as league options – get to know your community, and have some winter fun!



Your Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is available for grant, loan and bursary application assistance; one of many

benefits we offer to members and the community! Contact us today to see how we can help you make your own season happen!

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