Have too many apples, plums or other fruit?

Particularly good harvest in the garden?

Need a bit of a hand getting extra food for the winter?

Visit the Harvest Hut, a brilliant initiative started by the Enderby Lions’ Club, at Cliff Ave

and Maud St. Located in the parking area across from the Small Axe Bistro, the Harvest Hut

is open every Monday throughout the harvesting season. With dedicated space in the parking lot

provided by The City of Enderby, the Harvest Hut has been a great place to swap vegetables and fruit

and get the best nutrition for you and your family.

With the current pandemic, the Harvest Hut has taken meaningful precautions to provide the safest

environment for those who visit. Be sure to follow the Hut’s social distancing guidelines, PPE use and

take advantage of the hand sanitizer available, and wash your fruits and veggies well when they come

home with you- and enjoy the fruits of our region!


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