As part of our ongoing service to our member businesses, the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is offering packages of the latest, verified advice, legislation, best practices and recommendations by Interior Health, WorkSafe BC, The Province of BC and federal sources.

Tailored to your industry, these packages will save your business hours of combing through internet links, files and articles, some of which are less than current. Our Re-Opening Packages also offer handy infographics (brandable by your business), links to discounted vinyl stickies for floors and walls, tips and tricks for controlling traffic flow and a complete set of Employer and Employee Paperwork (including an up-to-date health checklist, attendance, symptom record charts and time of day charts for incident reports in store/workfloor).

In addition, contact us today about connecting with a local company currently developing automatic door control for capacity of buildings and offices, saving your employees the headache of working and having to run to control customer flow at the door of your shop!

Whether you are in heavy industry, logging, agriculture, hospitality, or have one of our many integral home-based businesses looking to return to markets and summer sales, become a member of the EDCC today, and join the many local businesses who have streamlined their re-opening with our thoughtfully prepared packages.

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